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Ashta-Chamma (Eights & Fours)

For 2 - 4 players


Ashta-Chamma Board (Print Out)
4 counters for each player - buttons, pennies, etc.
Dice: 2 kidney beans split in half lengthwise


Each player has four counters and the object of the game is to get them from their base (either square A, B, C, or D) to home (E) first.
Players take turns throwing the dice (kidney bean halves)
Scoring is as follows:

4 back up 8
Belly Up

Back Up
4 belly up 4
3 belly up 3
2 belly up 2
1 belly up 1


Each person must throw an 8 or a 4 to put all 4 counters on the board.
When an 8 or a 4 is thrown, the player has another go, but if a player manages to do this four times in a row, the fourth time does not count.
The counters are moved one at a time counter-clockwise around the edge of the square. When a counter reaches the square adjacent to its' starting position, it moves to the inside square.
When the counter has moved around the inner square it enters square 'E' opposite the square it started from (as per example on board).
The first person to get all counters home is the winner.
Only one piece can occupy any square, except in the coloured squares where any number can wait.
If a player moves to a square occupied by an opponent's piece, the player claims the opponent's counters by moving into the square. A counter can be reclaimed by throwing an 8 or a 4 and starting out again on its' journey from base.
A player cannot enter the home square unless an opponent's piece has been claimed at least once.
Pieces cannot be claimed on the PEACE squares (the coloured squares)
A player may wish to join up 2 counters for the duration of the game, but only 1 pair per player is allowed. The pair can only move to the scores of 2, 4, and 8. If claimed by an opponent, they can only be reclaimed by throwing an 8.