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Piercing Heart From DragonRose Adoptions

Piercing Heart is now an PARENT.

As You enter this cavern you notice that it isn't as warm as the Fire Dragon Nursery but it is very shiny.


"It is soooooooo nice to have freedom again!" says Piercing Heart dancing around.

Aset grabs You and puts you out of harms way! Fire Dragons will stomp on anything in their way.

Aset raises an eyebrow towards Piercing Heart and asks, "And when did you lose your freedom????"

Piercing Heart looks at her in disbelief,"When I had the clutch!"

"And how did that tie you down as I didn't see you around much once the clutch was hatched," asks Aset.

"Well, every time I went near the nursery the little monsters would start chewing on my wings and tail" exclaims Piercing Heart.


"They just wanted to play", says Aset with surprise! "And you were just as playful when you were a baby!"

Piercing Heart blushes and grins sheepishly, "I guess you're right."

"Have you been to see them since they were Teenagers?" asks Aset.

"Are you kidding me?!?!?! They are on their own! I'd just as soon eat them as to mess with them now! They are too rough," states Piercing Heart.

Aset decides that it is time for You to leave because Piercing Heart is getting the gleam in her eyes that means she is hungry! And she would love to have a Human for dinner! Aset whispers to you, "Her children are now adults and one has his own clutch so beware."


Adult PiercingHeart

Name: PiercingHeart
Gender: Female
Stage: Adult
Clutch: Wild #2
Parents: Unknown
Breed: Fire

Food: Meat (of any kind)

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