Lycra From DragonRose Adoptions

Lycra From DragonRose Adoptions

You are a bit nervous as you enter Ly'Cra's Cavern especially if you have visited the Fire Dragons.

"Guess What, Aset?!?!?!?!?!" Ly'Cra says excitedly.

"What, Lycra??!!" Aset asks.

"Shau'Na and I are going to have another clutch!" says Ly'Cra jumping around.

Aset claps her hands and answers, "That is awesome! Hopefully you will do better this time in raising them."

Ly'cra snorts, "And what is *THAT* suppose to mean?"

"Oh, Nothing, really" says Aset

"Well, Goldenrod is a great mother and Greenwich didn't turn out so bad," says Ly'Cra with bright eyes.

"Yes, my dear that is true but......," says Aset hiding her smile quickly.

"But WHAT?!?!?" shouts Ly'Cra.

"Just be careful about teaching them to climb trees," Aset says with a frown. "Especially since I had to rescue YOU the first time. And Greenwich got stuck too."

"Well......nevermind," says Lycra as he ducks his head.

Is that a blush on Ly'Cra's face???? You decide it's time to head to the next cavern.

Ly'Cra Earth Dragon

Name: Ly'Cra
Gender: Male
Stage: Adult
Clutch: Wild #1
Parents: Unknown
Food: Greenery
Breed: Earth
Adopted: October 25, 2000
Hatched: November 7, 2000

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Click on the egg below to get your own DragonRose Egg to hatch! There are 0 Muddy Buddies left from either of their two clutches! Hopefully the new clutch will be available soon.

May your dragons be many!

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