Aset's Cure'osity's Home

Aset's Cure'osity's Home

Cure'osity is from the first clutch of 2 DragonRose Dragons Mating (and not from a wild clutch). His parents are the 1st Pair of Wild Clutch Dragons to Mate!

You get the odd feeling that you are being watched. Slowly, you turn around to see a beautiful Night/Rainbow Butterfly Dragon. You are awestruck at his beauty!

Cure'osity stares down at you, "What do you seek here, human?!?!"

"", you stammer.

Aset comes up beside you. "Dragon got your tongue?".

All you can do is nod your head.

Aset says, "He always does that to people."

"I still want to know why you are here?" asks Cure'osity eyeing you appraisingly.

"Cure'osity! Where are your manners?" demands Aset.

Name: Cure'osity
Gender: Male
Stage: Adult
Clutch: #1
Parents: Danaphiel and Melayn
Breed: Night/Rainbow Butterfly

"I'm tired of people coming to me and staring like they are village idiots!" says Cure'osity. "Don't they know that I'm here to heal them?"

"No, they don't unless you tell them! So quit acting so grumpy" scolds Aset.

Click here to see Cure'osity's Lifemate Usassen
Then she pushes you gently towards a tunnel at the end of the huge cavern.

Here is where Cure'osity came from!!!!!
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Updated 08/23/08