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12.11. Thu (491) Santa Cruz Sucre

As the road between Santa Cruz and Sucre was difficult and a bit dangerous sand road, I decided to start for the road early, 5.50 am. That 492 km trip took last time 14.5 hours! One of the most difficult daytrips on this tour. Tropical jungle along the route, also some mountains.

The first 230 kms was okay, asphalt and hard gravel road. Then started the difficult, dusty and bumpy track again! Sun shined with full power, at least 35°C!

Lots of trucks on the road. There was always 100 metres dust cloud behind them. I had also the very first puncture of this tour. I had been really lucky, as travelled 60,000 kms, 30 countries without any tyre problems! One thorn of a cactus had penetrated the front tyre while I was overtaking a truck. I had to forget the overtaking... One passing biker helped me in the tyre repair. Great.

The deepest one of the three streams had now more water than last time, I guess. When crossing it, the bike sank deeper...I thought I had to swim to the other side! But, I opened more throttle, and bike climbed to the other side river bank again! In the stream was 40 to 50 cm of water! The engine was half of it underwater! The mufflers touched water too!!

My bike deserved a new name: 'The Amfibio X-Clobe Machine'! Riding in the night was dangerous, because erosion had deteriorated the roadsides. Therefore riding near it was risky. Luckily almost no traffic.

I arrived to Sucre at night. Happy to see Lizbeth again!

14.11. Sat (493) Sucre

To karaoke in the night! "...I did it My Way..." (Frank Sinatra :) And we had "The Dream of Che Guevara" = Cuba Libres.

17.11. Tue (496) Sucre

Lissu (=Lizbeth) went to work trip to Potosi, I tried to find computing work meanwhile. One ok candidate was the Santa Barbara hospital. I met the manager of the hospital three(!!) times, but didn't know yet was there work or not.

18.11. Wed (497) Sucre

Also asking work from the local computing institute 'South American System' (SAS). It looked okay and successful. The classes were full.

19.11. Thu (498)

Sucre, the capital of Bolivia
Although is the administrative capital of Bolivia, in the economical capital La Paz are the best work chances. Finding computing work in Sucre didn't seem very promising.

20.11. Fri (499)

Maintenance at local Suzuki dealer, Imcruz. They did excellent work. Visiting SAS fourth time... I was giving up.

21.11. Sat (500)

Liz arrived from Potosi at last! I helped her in repairing some things in her new home as: some installations of lights. I had previously done installations in 5 or 12 volts systems, now 220!

A digital multimeter was very useful in measurings. In Bolivia there are none or not many professional electricians, I could do some most basic installation jobs.

22.11. Sun (501)

As living in an 'alojamiento' (=motel) for a longer time is not so comfortable, we searched a rented flat for me. One nice was 55 USD per month (some 30 m2), not bad at all. But a bit far from center. In Finland we pay minimum 1500 FIM (300 USD) of a 30 sq.m flat.

Usually it was difficult to find a fully independent flat, as in Bolivian culture all the family live in the same house. That can means the grandparents and kids and all (can be 10 people). Independent houses exist, but they are real estates and expensive ones. 300-500 USD per month.

23.11. Mon (502)

I visited another company more. They needed a typist or such. They offered for monthly salary just 60 USD! Incredible. Even in Bolivia it's not enough. I am used to get almost that money in an hour!

26.11. Thu (505)

I moved to a rented, furnished flat. 120 USD per month. Better than a motel. The owner was an elder woman.

27.11. Fri (506)

Lissu had a friend in Corte Suprema (Supreme Court), we asked for a job for me there! There was also the best-paid jobs... Their computer manager had quit just a short while ago and they needed a new one, good for me. I met the president of the Supreme Court. She interviewed me and guided to the secretary. I gave her my résumés.

28.11. Sat (507)

I wrote updates to my webmaster Heikki. By Lizbeth's computer that was possible. Weather was cold and rainy. Blaahh. Every kinds of shops etc were near, so I let my bike to rest in the garage. Sometimes I didn't touch the bike in two weeks.

4.12. Fri (513)

Weeks pass by. These times my world tour was like ordinary family life! Liz had two children: Marcelo (12) and Greis (10). I liked her kids and they liked me too. We spent almost all the time together, when Lissu wasn't at work. Four of us. Liz was younger than me, she had got the kids very young. The kids' summer holiday had started, more than two months free time ahead for them.

5.12. Sat (514)

I wrote the third and last article to the Nokia People magazine, the staff magazine of Nokia Corporations. It has circulation of some 32,000 pcs. It was the only Finnish magazine/newspaper that had done its part properly (sponsorship contracts)...

In Bolivia, the Chrismas tree is put in the first of December.

6.12. Sun (515) Sucre

The 81st Independence Day of Finland. To celebrate that, I cooked some basic Finnish cuisine for the family. It was called 'Karjalanpaisti'. Bolivian lunch differs a lot from that of Finnish. In Finland we have usually one course and sometimes dessert. So it is more simple than for example Bolivian cuisine. In Bolivia there can be: sallad, soup, main course (with another sallad) and dessert. Up to four courses! Usually minimum two.

Near the city there are two hills. We climbed to the higher one, about 500 m high from the city level.

9.12. Wed (518) Sucre

I had taught a card game to Lizbeth's children. It was called "Club Seven" (Risti-seiska). They liked it and we played it often. Lizbeth's family treated me like a family member! These kind of experiences are the most beautiful on this tour.

11.12. Fri (520)

With Marcelo, Lizbeth's son, we started to write an article about Emilio Scotto, the Argentinian world traveller. We wrote that from photocopies to computer. We found out that to be a project, Spanish text and 10 pages of it! I read and Marcelo typed :) Vice versa too difficult...

The article about The Greatest World Tour of Mankind. At the moment it is on this website only in Spanish. It's in my plans to translate it also in English.

14.12. Mon (523)

Lizbeth got a 3-week holiday!

15.12. Tue (524)

My mom had her birthday.

I started to help the family with some electrical matters: improving the connections. I changed some outlets and switches and put the cables into tubes. So the safety got improved.

16.-18.12. Wed-Fri (525-527)

Electricity improvings continued.

24.12. Fri Christmas Eve (533) Sucre

I quit the rent contract with the old lady. She insisted, that I should have paid more, but in the end she paid me, as the month wasn't ended yet... I loaded all the stuff on bike and left. It felt like bike weighed 500 kilos!

We were leaving for Christmas to Alcalá, Lizbeths' home of childhood. We went all the family: her children, sisters and brother. We travelled 8 hours by bus in the night. In the dark it could be seen how dangerous the road was: less than 10 metres wide road, mountain on the other side and 10 to 200 metres of 'free fall' in the other!!

In the night we arrived to Alcalá. Her parents were already there. The atmosphere was warm and wonderful. We changed the presents and hugged. Then to sleep.

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