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5.7. Sun (361)

This day I moved back to the youth hostel. Luis had been more than generous. I left the bike to the parking hall, riding with it would have caused melted piston or some other damage.

6.7. Mon (362)

I arranged my bike back to Gaston's workshop. It was transported with a truck. That "Flete" service was the only possibility to transport my bike safely, in order not to cause any more damage. Moving cost 18 USD.

Gaston started to check the bike. There wasn't more to do than to remove the cylinder head. Every other possibilities were checked. Carburetors off. But we found out that the cylinder head couldn't be removed, unless the whole motor was removed! Then, some frame and cylinder head tampering (ie. cutting) was needed! Too tight places... Engineers didn't design that thing so well in Japan.

And look: the main problem was found!!! Exhaust valves were burnt! Also intake side a little bit. Why??? Bike is almost new! Maintenances were done ok.

7.7. tue (363)

Gaston had checked the tension of the valve springs. All the four pairs (8 springs) were faulty, too weak. Argentinian Suzuki importer (or actually it was just a shop without any maintenance department) didn't have new ones.

Five weeks gone in the expensive Buenos Aires. They said the delivery time would be 30 days. No thanks!!!

Trying to find new valve springs from somewhere. Local MC shops didn't have any. Finnish or Greek importers were the only possibilities. I didn't try North American dealers this time. When we tried to contact the Suzuki dealers in USA by internet to get the CDI unit, they just asked us:
- "DR800? Is it a twin"
- "I've never seen one."

I have heard that big enduros like Honda Africa Twin or Suzuki DR 800 are not imported to North America or to Australia. I will face spare part problems in the future too, I'm afraid. This time I contacted my friend Heikki in Finland. He promised to get new valve springs for me. Great!!!!

9.7. Thu (365)

This was the independence day of Argentina. Argentina got independent from Spain in 1810.

La Boca is a special area near downtown of Bs.As. It is very beautiful one, colourful houses, painting sellers and, of course, tango performances. It is a very beautiful and interesting dance, but difficult to learn. La Boca stadium is the one where Diego Maradona used to play. Also some other sights:

Obelisco Tower and Lavalle, the other of the pedestrian streets in the heart of Buenos Aires.

10.7. Fri (366)

One full year on tour. Today we (Gaston and I) took my bike to his friend's workshop. He was spezialized on carburetors on ignition systems. Gaston wanted just to make sure there wasn't any other problems.

The new CDI unit was checked with computerized system. And it worked well! There were no faults in the electrical system. These days my bike was checked 'from the tail lamp to the front tyre'.

And FOR FREE! Incredible! Wonderful!!

11.7. Sat (367)

One year and one day on tour (away from Finland). That also means my bike purchased as tax-free will remain tax-free. I could return back without paying any taxes to Finnish government. But I don't want to return yet. When I get the spare parts, the tour will continue... nobody knows for how long.

13.7. Mon (369)

Heikki asked today the valve springs from the Finnish Suzuki importer, Ekström Power. They didn't have them in stock. Well, DR800 wasn't imported to Finland since 1991. That may explain it. They would have to order tha parts from Japan. 10 days delivery time. That's ok. Now I knew what was going to happen and when. I could go out of Buenos Aires 'for a holiday'. Spring set would cost me 340 FIM (60 USD).

14.7. Tue (370)

I planned to go somewhere else for a couple of weeks, since I would get the parts in the end of July. Maybe visiting some mountaineous place, small towns.

17.7. Fri Buenos Aires Cordoba (373)

At last I could have some relax after this bike mess! By bus some 710 kms to West. This was a holiday time, tickets to Mendoza (in Andes) were sold out. Maybe later by bike...

18.7. Sat (374) Cordoba

I met two nice girls, Liliana and Cecilia. We spent some
time together :)

19.7. Sun (375)

As Cordoba was also a big city, I wanted to go to the mountains. Every day there goes a mountain train (El Tren de las Sierras). It goes that 110 km trip slowly, nice mountain views all the time. In the train car a group started to play guitars and sing. Then all other passengers joined to the singing and clapped their hands. WOW!

There was also a TV group making a program about the mountain train. They also interviewed me. Luckily I could understand the questions and give good answers.

Arriving to a small village Capilla del Monte four hours later. Beautiful, tranquil village. Good in contrary to Buenos Aires.

20.7. Mon (376) Capilla del Monte Cordoba

I liked that small village. The mountains nearby were beautiful. But there wasn't much to do. Cordoba was also ok, but it is a bigger city. The second biggest city in Argentina.

21.7. Tue (376) Cordoba

This day my grandma had her 80th birthday. The card I sent arrived perfectly.

Writing these stories to Heikki. This time the update was in pen & paper format, since in Argentina there are not so good e-mailing possibilities. This is a nicer way: to go to a nice café, and write with time. No hurry.

23.7. Thu (379) Cordoba Buenos Aires

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