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Rechts und LINKS... my link list.

About the Tour in media Links in various languages, in chronological order.
2nd article 3rd article Nokia People Magazine, that was staff magazine of Nokia Corporation. Articles published in Oct 1997, Apr 1998 and Jan 1999. The two latter ones are in Nokia intranet and then cannot be read outside Nokia.
Kouvolan Sanomat Website of newspaper of my home town, in Finnish. Articles published in Oct 1997, May 1998, Oct 1998.
O Diario Website of newspaper of town of Maringa, Brazil. Article "Uma Aventura pelo Mundo" published in Aug 1998. Site in Portuguese.
O Estado do Parana Main newspaper of Parana Province, Brazil. Article published Aug 1998.
Jornal Comercio do Jahu Newspaper of town of Jau, Brazil. Article published in Aug 1998.
SBT Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão. TV channel of city of Maringa, Brazil. A TV document of the tour broadcasted in Aug 1998.
Globo TV TV channel of the province of Parana, Brazil. TV document of my tour broadcasted in Aug 1998.
Duas Rodas Brazilian MC magazine, where was published an article in Oct 1998. Site in Portuguese.
Moottori Article published in magazine "Moottori" that is published by Automobile and Touring Club of Finland.
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MC Adventures
Horizons Unlimited, Canada Around the World Travellers Grant and Susan Johnson's website for motorcycle travellers, the 'Horizons Unlimited Motorcycle Travellers' e-zine,' for the latest Travellers' News, Bulletin Board, hints and tips and plenty of info to help you get on the road yourself.
10 Years on 2 Wheels Norwegian Helge Pedersen's site. Site in English.
Mika Kuhn Mika travelling around the World on Yamaha XT 600 Teneré. He started his trip in May 1999. Site in German.
Benka Around the World Following the Sun - Bernarda "Benka" Pulko's trip around the World. Site in English and Slovene.
Anke and Jan Anke and Jan travelled around the World on BMW R1100GS. Tour started 04 Aug 1999 from North Germany. Site in English and German.
Pluto Trip around the World by HD by Pluto, artist (and much more) from Ireland.
Finland Site about Finland, in English.
Site of Ghana Site in English.
Information about Mali
Latin World A directory about Latin American topics. Site in Spanish.
An excellent hotel Hotel situated in Antigua, Guatemala. Pages in English.
Autoliitto Automobile and Touring Club of Finland. Site in Finnish, English, German and Swedish.
Translator On-line translator covering 80 languages - with phonetic audio files!
Currency converter Converter of 164 currencies of the World.
DR Owners' Sites In various languages, around the world
MC Sukkamehu The Great Nonsense Pages of The Big Off-Road Freaks. Pages of a Finnish enduro club. Site in English and Finnish.
Tips for Suzuki DR maintenances A German DR800 owner giving helpful pieces of advice of the maintenances.
Other MC Sites
Barney's Dealer of Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles and SeaDoo watercrafts. Stores at St. Pete, Brandon and Brooksville, FL, USA.
MC Bajahill A Finnish MC club site. Site in English and Finnish.
Important announcements :)
Dilbert Zone It's better than working!
Linkkejä suomeksi, Links in Finnish Links in Finnish
Moto Bike Kouvola Oy Erinomainen MP-jälleenmyyjä Kouvolassa.
Motoristin bongausopas. Hesarin kuukausiliitteessäkin aikoinaan julkaistu mainio opas.