In Finland

About importing the bike to Finland...

I returned 23 Oct 1999 back to Finland. From Miami a flight to Helsinki, via Munich.
Seemed to be a strange, unreal thing, that the tour was over!
Receiving my bike!!!! 10 Mar 2000: at Lšnsisatama West harbour of Helsinki, Finland.
Pushing the bike to trailer Me pushing the bike to the trailer. 10 Mar 2000.
Pushing the bike to trailer A bit different photo :)
Chatting The harbour terminal manager happened to be also a biker - and a motocrosser!!! :)
Bike finally at Kouvola Jape, my brother-in-law had the car & trailer and helped me. The main street, Kauppalankatu on behind. 10 Mar 2000.
Another photo from Kouvola Good to have the trailer! Still the roads and streets were icy. Plus I couldn't ride it legally in Finland yet...
Because my bike was purchased tax-free (in the starting day, 10 Jul 1997) the Finnish Customs (at Helsinki) wanted to get the vehicle tax afterwards!!!

I couldn't solve the problem alone, nor didn't want to start a legal struggle against Finnish Customs - so I contacted a TV channel! In 12 Apr 2000 an interview was made in Kouvola. The program "Karpolla on Asiaa" came out in MTV3 channel in 7 May. ...I got the customs matter solved! The Helsinki customs lawyer had to change his mind. Thanks for the reporter Hannu Karpo and the TV channel of that great help!!

I had the right to import a tax-free bike to Finland according to Finnish law. Then I could register my bike to Finnish plates.

The registration happened in Karhula, South Finland, 19 May 2000! Registered to: JR-860. Happy day for me!

Riding can continue!