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Yu-Zhen Chen, M.D., Ph. D.
Department of Immunogenetics
Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Kumamoto University
Voice: 096-373-5311
Fax: 096-373-5312
E-mail: chen@kaiju.medic.kumamoto-u.ac.jp
Flower mansion 410, Tamukae 6-9-1
Kumamoto City 862-0962, JAPAN
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  • My work for research of HLA
  • and its summary in Japanese (a pdf file)
  • My recent publication . And here is: my selective publication list from Pub Med;
  • One of my papers in Journal Immunology is: Single amino acid polymorphism at the DR beta 37 induces conformational changes of peptides recognized by a T cell clone.---Conservation of stimulatory activity of an antigenic peptide for T cell clone by substitutions of amino acid residues important for binding to HLA-DRB1*0406 molecule
  • at Journal of Immunology Volume: 157 Number: 09 Pages: 3783 - 3790 November 1, 1996; and you can see here
  • Our enjoyable passing time, Never forget. Our Album
  • with the passing of time, we are able to create yet another memory

    Alumni of JiangYi
    China and Chinese
    Zhong-Fang LAI
    My daughter

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