Photos in passing time

Our enjoyable passing time, Never forget! With the passing of time, we are able to create yet another memory.
There are some beautiful photo pictures in this album in passing time, which recorded our enjoyable life and work partly. ........
Also, I like beautful Kumamoto Castle specially at the season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom (photo-92 and photo-93)

  • photo-41(Sunset)
  • photo-34 ( the photo of tiger Kyusyu Animal Park)
  • photo-45(Sunset)
  • photo-79(Green Dam in Kumamoto)
  • photo-89(Tong Lin Qiao in Kumamoto)
  • photo-92( Kumamoto castle)
  • photo-93( Kumamoto castle)
  • photo-94( Huang tu Gao Yuan)
  • photo-126( KinFeng San)
  • photo-127( Zi Zhen Zhao Xi)
  • photo-128( Feng liu Gung)
  • Tien An Men

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